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We love hearing from our clients;
please share your experiences working with Catastrophe's.


took us in last minute walk in and helped us save a stray male kitten from an infestation of fleas and ticks to the best of her abilities! named him marble! it's been over a month since our visit, but this business is definitely passionate about cat care! here's pictures of marble today

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RAVE: Catastrophe Cat Grooming in Livermore! They’re new to town and treated our little kitty like the angel princess she is We dropped her off this morning at 10am and picked her up around 1:30pm. We got videos sent to us throughout her grooming session (Steve wanted to make sure that we knew she was in good & gentle hands) and picked up a happy kitty at the end! Honestly, we were so nervous letting someone new groom our long hair cat as she is very sensitive and timid, but Steve did such a lovely job with her and gave her lots of breaks so she didn’t get overwhelmed. She was super matted along her tummy because we waited so long to find a new groomer, but alas we found someone that’s patient, loving, and gentle. We are very pleased with Catastrophe Cat Grooming’s services and plan on bringing our new puppy there in a few weeks!

Kalie Adams

RAVE for Steve at Catastrophe Cat Grooming Toulouse gives his experience 4 paws up! We have been looking for a cat groomer for a long time and it's safe to say that we are big fans of Catastrophe! Steve is the nicest guy. His communication is top notch and he made me feel like my baby was in the safest hands. Toulouse has never been so soft or smelt so good! We can't recommend him enough! Check him out if you have a kitty in need, you won't be sorry 😻

Rachel Messenger

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HUGE RAVE TO Catastrophe Cat Grooming
Catastrophe Cat Grooming's owner Steve is a truly wonderful groomer. My cat Simba had a build-up of matted fur that we weren't prepared to tackle ourselves. We scheduled for grooming with Catastrophe Cat Grooming and despite the feistiness of our cat, he was able to keep him calm, remove ALL clumps from his fur, trim his nails, and give him a stylish haircut and a nice bath Throughout the whole process, he was extremely professional and handled Simba very well. He video chatted with us so we could see how Simba was doing and he is so gentle, and not going to traumatize or push your babies! He is the BEST groomer in the Bay Area if not California hands down. I definitely would recommend him for all cat owners. He is purrrrfect. He has won Groomer of the Year awards and we are so lucky to have him here in Livermore!
Thanks again Catastrophe

Yassi Faith

My cat was groomed by Steve at Catastrophe a month or so ago. All went well except that after the bath Steve put perfume on him. It was a nice smell, just a bit overwhelming for the next few days. I even tried to wash some of it off because it bothered me. Otherwise, Steve did a great job and my cat seemed calm and happy. And, because we are seniors and find it difficult to load our cat in a container for transport, Steve and Devin came to our house and took him back and forth in their own crate, which was a huge help.

Punk Rock Kitty
Specialty Cat Hair Cuts

I took my 1-year old cat to be groomed by Stephen. This was my cat's first professional grooming. He is extremely shy and generally does not do well with strangers. With Stephen, however, he was extremely comfortable. I was shocked. The entire process went quickly and smoothly. Highly recommend!

Muj A.

I just took 2 of my long haired cats in for a bath and a good comb out to get rid of mats and undercoats. We had just taken them in to join our family after their owner passed. They hadn't been groomed before and really needed it after living outside for months. The first cat is old and did so well, she even fell asleep during her grooming.  Steve did a video chat with me to share her progress and show me that she was snoozing away. She was so relaxed.
I highly recommend Steve. The cat whisperer for sure!! So glad that we have a cat groomer here in town now.

Kim F.

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My cat is 2 years old and has never been to a groomer before. She had some matted fur that needed to be taken off so I decided to give Steve a chance. One of the best decisions I made. He has a lot of experience grooming and it really shows. Before starting, he talked me and my husband through each step of her grooming process and occasionally did video calls to keep us updated on how my cat is doing. He also gave some tips on how to groom my cat in case we wanted to do it ourselves at home. We could tell right off the bat that he really cares for animals. I will definitely be taking her back to Steve! 10/10 would recommend

Michelle L.

Just brought my severely matted cat to Stephen and Devin.  I called for an appointment on a Saturday morning and Bruce was seen within one hour of my call.  It gets even  better:  Stephen, with Devin's assist, took two hours to gently remove a particularly difficult matted section.  They were incredibly patient and kind working with my senior kitty with neurological challenges.  Bruce showed a minimal amount of distress and patiently accepted what was his very first grooming. Stephen would frequently take breaks giving Bruce a respite, but would subsequently return to remove more of the mat.  Since this was Bruce's first grooming visit and since he is a senior kitty with challenges, Stephen didn't want to traumatize him too much and thought it would be best to finish the grooming on another day. I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate his, and Devin's, very gentle patient nature and willingness to spread the grooming over a few appointments so that Bruce wouldn't become too traumatized.  Did I say he did all this while Bruce was wide awake...absolutely no need to anesthetize him for the procedure.  Oh, and did I mention that Stephen called later just to  check on Bruce to see how he handled his first grooming experience.  Honestly, I've never seen a grooming service that is so incredibly patient, kind, and gentle with great follow through!  Now I only wish he did dogs too (my dog has been groomed)....I'll guess I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed that he considers it at some point because, if he's this gentle with my cat, I am confident he would be incredibly gentle with my arthritic dog as well.

Teddy Bear Cut

Kathy K.

Lion Cut

My cat, Bailey, has long fur and tends to get some matted fur, especially during warmer weather.  My vet recommended Catastrophe Cat Grooming as she heard good reviews.  This was mine and my cat's first professional grooming experience.  Steve let me know what the process would be, in advance, and kept me informed during the service with live video.  The video was a real nice experience and I could see that Bailey was in good hands and doing well.  I wish I would have had my cat groomed sooner!  Thank you to Steve for a great experience.

Cindy And Gary D.

I had been searching for a good cat groomer for a while. My cat had never been groomed before, had some knots and a bad attitude!  Steve spoke to me and told me about his history and he gave me a good vibe. I took my cat in and the experience was wonderful.  Steve is a very busy, fast moving man and yet he had a calm energy and was totally comfortable and confident when working with my boy. He explained every step, welcomed me to stay and showed me that his instincts and knowledge were on target. He took his time with Slash, worked to build trust, never lost patience and Slash did well. He will need a few visits to really get at the knots but I'm confident Slash will learn to trust him and feel more comfortable each time he gets groomed. Thanks Steve!

Catastrophe Cat

Kristina L.

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Steve did an awesome job!  My Paisley is an older cat and her grooming habits have been declining.  Steve cut her nails (mani/pedi), washed and conditioned her coat, and gave her a good brushing getting out mats of fur with his special blow dryer.  She came home smelling clean and looking better than she had in years.  What a great cat- spa experience!

Ginger S.

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