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Hey there, fellow cat lovers! Are you tired of your kitty's fur looking like a hot mess? Look no further than Catastrophe Grooming! Our expert groomers will have your feline friend looking so fresh and so clean clean. From man-pedis to full-on spa treatments, we've got you covered. Don let your cat be a catastrophe - book an appointment today!

Bath, Dry & Brush Out

All cats are bathed using hypoallergenic solutions, warm towel-dried, gently hand blow-dried, & brushed to remove dander, tangles, & loose fur.


Bath Includes: Relaxing massage, Shampoo, Flea Treatment, Moisturizing Conditioner, De-Shed Treatment*, Sanitary Trim, Shell-Out, Nail Trim, Ear Cleaning, De-Matting*, Blow Drying, Scissor Work

*De-Shed Treatment is Free for First Time Customers. Usually, $25 


*De-matting will incur an additional charge based on the condition of the cat.

sani trim.jfif
Sanitary Trim

What happens in the litter box, should stay in the litter box. If your cat is having "cliff hangers" on her rear-end after using the litter box, then a sanitary trim is the solution for you. A sanitary trim is shaving the cat's private area & sometimes the back of the legs, in order to keep kitty sanitary while using the litter box.

Fecal Removal.  Sometimes it happens. Cliffhangers can become stuck & can need extra attention & cleaning to get the cat back to cuddly status.

teddy bear cut.jpg
Teddy Bear Cut

A teddy bear cut on a cat is similar to a lion cut, though a 1/2 to 3/4 inch layer of fur similar to lamb wool is left on the cat. The face is tapered similar to a bear cub. This cut cannot be done on cats with matted fur. If your cat has an imperfect coat (tangles, knots, compaction), you can still get a teddy bear cut but the fur requires preparation at an additional cost in order for the tools to work for this cut.

De Grease.jpg

Cat hair can accumulate oil, and appear greasy even after a bath.  When grease and oil has fully encapsulated your cat’s hair strands, it acts as a water repellent so water and bathing products do not penetrate the hair, resulting in poor outcomes. We achieve clean results by using an advanced hypoallergenic formula that is gentle and safe.

Special Needs Kitties

Although all kitties are special, some have medical, or age-related health factors that require extra-special attention in order to groom them. In these cases, we do charge additionally for the extra time, & skill needed to safely care for special needs cats. We are aware of, & are sensitive to each cats' unique needs. Our main priority is to provide stress-free, high-quality cat grooming that is safe & affordable.

Nail Trims & Ingrown Claws 

Your cat’s nails can’t be ignored, either. Cat nails curl under, when UN-clipped for too long they will grow right into the cats' paw pads, resulting in lots of pain & a seriously grumpy cat. Stay on top of your cat's nail maintenance with Catastrophe Cat Grooming. We are experienced in removing overgrown nails that have embedded into the paw pad. We recommend trimming a cat's nails every 6 – 8 weeks to keep your cat's feet healthy.


* Removal of ingrown nails includes wound care for injured paw pads

+$25 each

orange fur.jpeg
De-Shed Treatment

De-shed treatment is effective in removal of excess undercoat & loose fur. This treatment works by releasing the dead undercoat - the primary cause of matting.


De Shed Treatment works effectively to reduce shedding & greatly reduce the amount of fur your cat might otherwise ingest. Resulting in fewer hairballs & tumbleweeds around the house.


De-shedding your cat is an essential part of every kitty's ideal routine maintenance. Regular De Shed Treatment will thwart matting before it has a chance to begin.

First time customers get to try this amazing product for free!


Returning customer price is +$25

Lion Cut.jpg
Lion Cut

Lion cuts take the cats natural defenses away from it by removing most of the fur. Also, there is the possibility that the coat will experience "coat shock". Meaning the fur may not grow back looking as healthy as it used to.


We don't recommend a lion cut for a cat. Most people who want one for their kitty are hoping to minimize on shedding. In that case, we recommend our de-shed conditioning treatment (included with the bath). You'll find that shedding is cut back dramatically. Enjoy up to 70% less shedding for a month.

Matted Cat Shave

We have over ten years experience shaving cats that would otherwise have to be sedated and shaved at a vet. We have shaved thousands of cats who were severely matted without sedatives. We are experts on solving the most severe matting issues.

Matted Coat Removal

Cats skin lacks the connective tissue that humans have. This is what allows them to stretch, jump, and move like they do. Unfortunately, it also allows their skin to become pulled up into the knots when they form into mats. Heavy matting can be rather painful for the cat as their skin immobilizes them more and more as it is pulled into the mat from all over the body

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